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Karamitsos Winery is a family winery at the entrance of Nemea. It has been operating in the new facilities since 2016 and is one of the most modern and advanced Wineries in the area. It is located just opposite the monastery on the rock of Panagia.

The viticultural and wine tradition of the Karamitsos’ family begins 70 years ago. Through seventy years of harvests, our connection to the land has deepened, and our knowledge has grown.

The location of our vineyards allowing us to grow eight different types of wine grapes. All our wines are made only from estate grapes and are crafted to highlight the unique terroir of this very special vineyard. 

The wines of the Winery have been awarded with local and international medals. Produced wines: Poseidon, Aphrodite, Two Lions White, Two Lions Red, Sporos, Riza, Tree of Life, Spirit of Pink, Niki.